New exhibitions in Tallinn in autumn season

    Museums of Tallinn will open several new different and exciting visual arts, photography, and nature-themed exhibitions in September and October.

    Kadriorg Palace - Kadriorg Art Museum 

    On 26 September, the Kadriorg Art Museum will open the Always by Our Side: Cats and Dogs in 16th‒19th-Century Art exhibition. The exhibition explores how cats and dogs have been depicted in art from the early modern period to the end of the 19th century and focusses on their significance, various roles, and symbolic meanings

    Kumu Art Museum

    On 10 October, the Kumu Art Museum will open the Egypt of Glory: Art from the Nile Valley exhibition. Estonia’s first major exhibition of ancient Egyptian art features objects that are thousands of years old from one of the world’s most important ancient Egyptian collections: the Museo Egizio (Egyptian Museum) in Turin, Italy Simultaneously with the exhibition at the Kumu Art Museum, the treasures of the Egyptian Museum will also be on display at the Amos Rex Art Museum in Helsinki. The large-scale joint project of the three museums provides a unique opportunity to discover the ancient world of ancient Egypt without having to travel very far.

    Seaplane Harbour, Estonian Maritime Museum

    On 17 October, the Seaplane Harbour will open the Unseen oceans. The Baltic Sea in the World Ocean exhibition.
    The exhibition compiled by the American Museum of Natural History provides a fascinating overview of the current state of these explorations, introducing the newest technologies, the beautiful underwater nature, and the researchers themselves behind these amazing discoveries. An interactive exhibition by the Estonian Maritime Museum has invited local researchers to offer different perspectives on the question: what makes the Baltic Sea so unique?

    Estonian Museum of Natural History

    From 16 to 27 September, visitors can enjoy the autumn Mushroom Exhibition in the yard of the Estonian Museum of Natural History. This year, the display showcases edible, non-edible, conditionally edible, and poisonous mushrooms. In addition, special focus is on the last mentioned, poisonous mushrooms and mushroom toxins.

    Museum of Photography

    On 17 September, 49 Colors of Susceptibility a socio-critical portrait project by the French-born Laurene Bois-Mariage which combines the magic of modern digital photography and Google image searches, will open in the project room of the Museum of Photography. 

    Kai Art Center

    The Kai Art Center will allow visitors to take a look 300 years into the future. On 19 September, a joint exhibition by the British artist Shezad Dawood and Estonian scientists, ornithologists, historians, musicians, and artists, Leviathan: the Paljassaare Chapter will open. The exhibition focusses on the ecological, political, and historical context of the peninsula. 

    ‘The Terrarium’ (2020) virtual reality experience premièred at the exhibition will take the viewer 300 years into the future when 90% of the surface of the planet is covered with water due to climate change and the coast of Great Britain opens directly to the western coast of Estonia over the sea. 

    Fotografiska Tallinn

    From 11 September, Fotografiska will be exhibiting the work of the American art photographer and filmmaker Alex Prager which shifts the lines between reality and fantasy. The melodramatic scenes captured make the photographs seemingly alive. The exhibition Welcome Home plays on nostalgia, memories, and reconstruction of reality, telling viewers unrepeatable stories.

    Tallinn Art Hall

    The following new exhibitions can be found in the Tallinn Art Hall:
    • From 11 September to 8 November 2020, the exhibition Like Stones in Flowing Water can be seen at the Tallinn City Gallery. The exhibition speaks of the consistent, yet admirably changeable work of three artists.
    • From 17 September to 8 November 2020, Maria Kapajeva’s exhibition When the World Blows Up, I Hope to Go Down Dancing.
    • The artist addresses the social pressures that accompany women throughout their lives and looks for ways to confront them.
    • The exhibition Modern Love, which can be seen from 3 October to 7 March 2021, looks at love and human relations in the current age of the internet, social media, and late capitalism, and the first age of ‘cold intimacy’.
    • The exhibition May You Be Loved and Protected, which can be seen from 17 October to 20 December 2020, is based on almost tangible visuality and tries to escape verbally constructed contexts.
    All these exhibitions are free with Tallinn Card, a sightseeing pass grants you free entrance to over 40 of the city’s top museums and attractions, free transport and discounts at shops and eateries.  

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