Photo by: Kadi-Liis Koppel
Photo by: Maret Põldveer-Turay

    Fantastic doors and where to find them

    13.05.2020 Noora Karppi
    Blue, pink, grey, yellow, green – the doors of Tallinn are famously pretty and picturesque. Right here, we share our tips on where to find the most fantastic doors of Northern Europe, with pictures and addresses. So, charge your phone, iron your best outfit, get your accessories straight and keep on reading.

    The prettiest doors of Tallinn

    Below you'll find the addresses and pictures of all the prettiest doors in Tallinn Old Town. Please keep in mind, that the doors are being renovated from time to time and may not look exactly like in the photos below.
    Have a happy door hunting!

    Aida 4

    The corner of Aida and Lai is a good place to take some photos, but do take few steps further down the Aida street. This deep forest green door looks like it has a story to tell you.

    Kiriku plats 3

    Delicant blue house up on Toompea hill belongs to the Consistory of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church.

    Kohtu 5 / Toom-Rüütli 3

    This lovely door is located on Toompea hill, between Kohtu and Toom-Rüütli streets.

    Kohtu 10a

    Striking stripes in green and white, located near the Kohtuotsa viewingplatform.

    Kooli 7

    The door of Kooli 7 is of the beaten path, tucked behind the Gustav Adolf Grammar School. The baby blue door looks lovely on the pale coral residential building.

    Lai 20

    Red-green door belongs to the Old Town Hostel. It's a great graphic background for photos.

    Lai 21

    Pretty pale green door is one of the entrances to Tallinn City Theatre in the Old Town.

    Müürivahe 22

    One of the coolest streets in Tallinn (Müürivahe street) is the lucky home to this bright yellow eye-catcher.

    Müürivahe 30

    Beautiful green door has a rusty charm to it. Behind is a place where you can remove your old tattoos - if you wish.

    Niguliste 4

    Famous yellow building with a blue door that just jumps out of the picture is a residential house opposite to the St. Nicholas' Church. While here, visit the next door restaurant, Väike Rataskaevu, for a delicious meal.

    Pikk 11

    Many people pass this door without even noticing it. It seems unbelievable, just look at how gorgeous it is. The pale green door is located in the same building as Rimi market on Pikk street. Don't miss a good photo opportunity!

    Pikk 17

    This fabulous door knocker belongs to the Estonian History Museum - Great Guild Hall.

    Pikk 26

    This is probably the number one door in Tallinn - the door of the House of the Brotherhood of Black Heads. You won't find anything like it anywhere else!

    Pikk 31

    Fun yellow building is the home to restaurant Bollywood. It has a nice green door with rhombus pattern.

    Pikk 41

    Next to popular bar, Hell Hunt, is the shop of local artist Helina Tilk. It's one of the best places to shop for Estonian souvenirs, after you have taken a photo with this detailed impressive door.

    Pikk 71

    Light brown wooden door with lost of details belongs to restaurant Bordoo. It's a great background for all kinds of photo shoots, even for wedding pictures.

    Rüütli 2

    One of the most popular places to pose in Tallinn is in front of this unique door. It has a bit of a Gothic vibe to it, don't you think?

    Raekoja plats 12

    Warm, brown, wooden door is a solid background for photos.

    Rataskaevu 9

    Just a few steps from the Town Hall Square, is this cool and calm door.

    Rüütli 12

    Deep red door is the entrance to this pale green medieval stone house close to St. Nicholas' Church.

    Suur-Karja 1

    You can't help but smile in front of the sublime door of Suur-Karja 1.

    Suur-Karja 3

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    Probably the most famous pink door in the Europe. It made national news, because the doors in the Old Town are protected. There are strict rules, what are the official original colours that the doors should be, and this door was originally not pink. So hurry and get your snap before it gets painted over.

    Toom-Kooli 11

    These doors are classy and calm, just like ballet taught behind these doors.

    Vene 4

    Majestic and detailed door is the entrance to a lovely Italian restaurant, La Bottega. 

    Uus 15

    The pretty terra cotta building with romantic stairs belongs to the Lithuanian embassy.

    Vene 30

    This magical entrance is located next to the Bremeni tower.

    Uus 34

    Cool teal color door on the border of the Old Town. The coolness continues a few steps further where Gelato Ladies offer super-cool gelato and ice cream.