Top 5 sports bars in Tallinn

    17.05.2020 Noora Karppi
    Looking for a place to watch live sports in Tallinn? We have put together a list of our top sports bars, from a traditional Irish pub to a multi-functional event centre with hundreds of screens. Find your favourite spot in the city to enjoy any of the major sports events, whether its football, ice hockey, basketball, rugby or something else. 

    O’Learys Kristiine Event Center

    O’Learys is a sports bar and entertainment centre in Tallinn. It is the biggest sports bar in Estonia (400m² and two floors) with 200 screens. The restaurant on the first floor is open for visitors who want to enjoy dinner and watch sports. Upstairs has a seating area for fans and a separate Sports arena with a large screen. O’Learys also offers different games and attractions, such as bowling, billiard, shuffleboard, sports simulator and VR-games.

    A second O'Learys has recently opened in the Ülemiste shopping centre. 

    Mad Murhpy’s

    Mad Murphy’s is a true Irish pub with friendly staff, authentic pub meals, reasonable prices and large screens casting sports for cheering crowds. It is located right at the Town Hall Square (Mündi 2) and although the area might seem touristic, you'll meet plenty of locals at the pub.

    Nimeta Baar (Pub with no name)

    This legendary 'pub with no name' is the place where everyone comes together. Two large screens and 16 TV’s attract people from businesspeople to bar-hoppers to enjoy a good game of sports. Nimeta Baar is located in the so-called ‘Bermuda triangle’: a junction of three Old Town streets with several bars.

    Arena 14

    Arena 14 a small sports haven on Viru Square. Regardless of the tiny space, each table has their own TV screen. 

    Beer Garden

    Beer Garden is a beer restaurant and sports bar located in the Old Town. A dedicated sports bar with 12 TV-screens is one of the go-to places among local sports fans. Long menu with snacks and meals keeps your energy levels high from the first whistle all the way to overtime and penalty shootout. A minor sidenote though, from Sunday to Thursday, the Beer Garden closes their doors at 11 p.m. sharp regardless of ongoing games so be sure to check the schedule beforehand.  

    Beer Stream 2

    Beer Stream 2 is a gastropub and sports bar near the port of Tallinn. The bar has 17 TV-screens and an easy-going atmosphere. To keep the crowd going, the one who guesses the right score will get a free beer on the house.