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Creative Hub Virtual Conference
Orangelive technician
Onlive PROTO Studio
OrangeLive event
Tallinn City Centre

    Virtual event solutions available in Tallinn

    05.06.2020 Mari Pever
    In Tallinn, many companies and venues have joined forces to create high-tech virtual event solutions and offer creative ways to hold conferences, meetings, seminars and entertainment events. The conference and events industry is facing an unprecedented situation, where traditional methods for holding events is not possible for quite some time. 

    Tallinn Creative Hub

    Tallinn Creative Hub, along with partners Miltton, Eventech, Royal Experience, Valge Klaar, and Minu Rada were the first to open a virtual event studio in Tallinn. Since the end of March, the venue has seen 50 events and even exported its service to Findland and Germany. The Creative Hub has seen seminars, press conferences, book launches and even a stand-up comedy show.

    See more on the Creative Hub website

    Virtual conference stage at Tallinn Creative Hub Photo by: Jüri Kartul
    Photo by: Jüri Kartul


    OrangeTime and Broadlive are Estonian event marketing agencies, each with over 20 years of experience. They have launched an innovative virtual solution, using state-of-the-art technology to create successful and memorable virtual events including conferences, seminars, and entertainment events. 

    See more on the OrangeTime website

    Event at OrangeLive studios Photo by: OrangeLive
    Photo by: OrangeLive

    OnLive Proto Studio

    The Noblessner Foundry is one of the most recently opened event venues in Tallinn. Thanks to a cooperation with production company RGB and live-communications company Jolos, the renovated building of a former submarine factory now houses three studios for holding various types of virtual events. Featuring one of the largest LED screens in Estonia, the venue meets all technical requirements for a successful event.

    View inside the largest studio of Onlive PROTO Studios Photo by: Onlive PROTO Studio
    Photo by: Onlive PROTO Studio

    Radisson Blu Sky hotel

    Radisson Blu Sky hotel, in cooperation with MIND media studio have transformed its impressive conference centre to a virtual venue. Ideal for business meetings and conferences, the service includes live broadcasts from the hotel’s conference centre, along with the opportunity to record the entire event, and make it available for rebroadcast and download.

    See more info from Radisson Blu Sky hotel

    View of Radisson Blu Sky hotel in Tallinn city centre Photo by: Kaupo Kalda
    Photo by: Kaupo Kalda