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Photo: Mextonia

    Mextonia: Aaron Glasson

    "Kihnu Naine & the Summer Solstice" - the painting on the Estonian Maritime Authority facing KUMU is about Kihnu, an Island to the South-West of Estonia that has a long and delicate relationship with the sea and outside world. The island is regarded as one of the world’s last remaining matriarchal societies. The central figure is Kihnu Virve a well known folk singer from the Island, another looks on at the summer solstice tradition of burning a boat while one levitates within a double helix of herring. 

    The concept being that like countless other island societies Kihnu is intertwined with the sea and dependent on a healthy marine eco-system for its survival. There are many external factors such as industrial fishing, pollution and climate change that threaten Kihnu's endurance into the future. Ocean conservation not only concerns the sea. It's also about the preservation of cultures, lively hoods, and ultimately human conservation. 

    The piece was created for the festival "Mextonia" that took place in Tallinn in June 2017.