Exhibition “GENE-IUS”

    An exhibition of humanity’s uniqueness.
    The exhibition ”GENE-IUS” takes us far into the past, deep within, and hopefully forward. Genes are a part of our inner space which you cannot negotiate. Genes determine our appearance and also partly what our health will be like during our lives. The journey of investigating our genes is full of wonderful discoveries and is also useful!
    Our journey begins billions of years ago, when the planet Earth emerged. The Era Clock shows that the direct ancestors of today’s humans arrived on the stage of Earth’s history just a moment ago. But their appearance also brought monumental biological and cultural changes, and quickly spread across the continents.
    Step inside a cell and see what you can find there. Keep track of a volunteer donor’s 22nd chromosome. Find out if you may have an increased risk of falling ill with type 2 diabetes or if you like the taste of Brussels sprouts. Let the waves of the DNA sequencing ball ocean wash over your head!