Photo: Kadi-Liis Koppel

    Christmas at the Great Guild Hall of the Estonian History Museum

    A Christmas tree will glitter in the grand hall of the Great Guild, and a fun scavenger hunt entitled ‘Wow, Old Town!’ awaits families. Schoolchildren can take part in a special programme that explores how the rich merchants of the Great Guild celebrated Christmas, which was the biggest and most lavish holiday in medieval Tallinn.
    This educational programme showcases the food and drinks served at Christmas parties at the time and how people entertained themselves. It also includes setting up a stunning banquet and making a true medieval sweet: Christmas cake. Every child can take the cakes they make home with them. For more information about the programme and bookings, go to the Estonian History Museum website.
    Adults can take part in an entertaining evening programme entitled ‘Wine Cellar Stories’, inspired by the history of the Great Guild’s wine cellars.