Photo: Emmanuel Tussore

    Home and peace- Emmanuel Tussore, Anton Ivanov, Alexander Vasilyev

    This time we present the works from three artists who complement each other and create a special synergy. The selection of works on display tells a controversial and complex story in a language that is documentary but also poetic, chimerical but very physical. This exhibition presents the theme of war and peace in most diverse ways.
    The author of the project "Study for a Soap" is Emmanuel Tussore, an artist, a cameraman and a photographer. In recent years, he has been exploring in depth the issue of war and the refugee crisis in Syria. He has chosen a very special medium of his artistic expression: the Aleppo soap. By molding by hand the pieces of this famous historical soap originating from one of the oldest cities in the world, the author brings into life the buildings and districts of Aleppo that have been bombed.
    The sculptural ruins made of soap by Tussore enter into dialogue with shattered cityscapes on the images of St. Petersburg photographers Anton Ivanov and Alexander Vasilyev's project "Wish us peace". Black-and-white manually developed and magnified analogue photographs bring to us the war-torn life in Syria and the people who live there.