Runner Along the Border, Rat Catcher and Bricklayer

The departure point for this exhibition is short stories by Peet Vallak, Mehis Heinsaar and Ilmar Külvet. In Vallak’s piece, Happiness of Siim the Basketmaker (1938), the road of a basketmaker crosses with that of a man who runs along the country border; in Heinsaar’s Toomas and the Rat Catchers (2007, published in his collection of short stories, Happiness of a Wanderer), a village community in South Estonia is rescued from a plague of rats by mysterious rat catchers from Latvia. The short story Bricklayer (1989) by the exile Estonian author Külvet is about a retired Estonian craftsman living in Toronto, who gets into trouble while visiting his compatriot who is involved in the hotel business on a small Mexican island.