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Photo: FlyBoards Baltics Facebook
Photo: FlyBoards Baltics Facebook


    You can use a flyboard to ride above the water and experience an adrenaline rush offered by hovering on the water and performing acrobatic stunts at the same time.

    Jet nozzles of a flyboard are located underneath your feet; they direct strong jets of water with a 90% of strength of that of a scooter. This allows you to move above water, using your balancing skills. The nozzles on your hands are for stability.

    Flyboarding combines various passions, such as a scooter, water skis, waterboard and acrobatics.

    You can use a flyboard in Narva, Tallinn and Narva-Jõesuu if booked in advance; alternatively, you can order it as an entertainment to a company event.