Tours & day trips

    Old Town Walkabout

    A maze of grand towers, wonky slate houses and cobble-stone streets? Certainly. But do bring a camera for a real Tallinn selfie. As you enter the old gates to roam the medieval streets of Tallinn, a new chapter will begin in your life. And we strive to be there, when it happens. Not only to provide the entertainment, to bring history to life in colorful tales, but more importantly to witness the awe and amazement as it sets in. 

    Like a picture from a fairy tale, or at least every episode of Game of Thrones, there will be dragons, noble knights, clever merchants and god-fearing men as examples of past struggles, courage to uphold and fierce love to desire. And to scatter all worries and misconceptions, when facing countless centuries of historical events, our young and witty guides will guarantee that dry facts and dizzy figures really are a thing of the past, and the time will fly in good spirits and worthy remembrance. However, it is important to note, that although you may never come back to this cozy capital, in a metaphorical sense of things, you will never leave. Let this be a concept of love at first sight.