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  • Most underwhelmed by everything: food, service and price

    tripadvisor rating 2 of 5
    syyskuu 6, 2020 Kirjoittaja: barneyDublin

    We had such high expectations after reading the notes in the White Guide and on visitestonia.com. We expected some sort of fine dining establishment but ended up with the impression of a pretty poor... Lue lisää kommentteja

  • Terrible service. Overpriced restaurant

    tripadvisor rating 2 of 5
    syyskuu 6, 2020 Kirjoittaja: Sintia19

    If you are hungry don’t expect you will get your meal soon. Starter was cold so I conclude waitress forgot about us. Half of restaurant empty and waitress says today is very busy :D The total time... Lue lisää kommentteja

  • So bad customer service that i couldnt beleave it

    tripadvisor rating 1 of 5
    elokuu 28, 2020 Kirjoittaja: EeemeliH

    If you want to enjoy your evening in Tallinna this is the last blace i would go to. One time were more than enough. Waiter were rude and had zero knowledge of the food.