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Фотография: Bosphorus



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    • An interesting menu, good value and a mixture or cuisiens

      tripadvisor rating 4 of 5
      март 13, 2020 Автор: Grandad_Sticky

      Really not sure what the restaraunt represents. It has kebabs, fish, pizzas, pasta and steaks. It has a middle eastern flavor, be it Turkish, Greek or Indian. Then there's Italian so it's a true... Читать больше комментариев

    • Amzing value for money! This is a VERY good restaurant!

      tripadvisor rating 5 of 5
      октябрь 11, 2019 Автор: Robin A

      You can tell by the food, the chef who cook this food, have a great love for cooking! I was in Tallin for 6 days, i end up eat here 4 days, i just had to try everything they have. The price is 10-15... Читать больше комментариев

    • We didn't eat here though we tried

      tripadvisor rating 2 of 5
      сентябрь 7, 2019 Автор: maybeyyes

      We came to eat but when we asked for their happy-hour cocktail for start (not a word of those were mentioned to us when we arrived to our table, we had to ask for them ourselves), we were brought a... Читать больше комментариев