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Foto: Tokyo 55
Foto: Tokyo 55

    Tokyo 55


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    • Not so good!

      tripadvisor rating 2 of 5
      jaanuar 20, 2018 Autor: Experience405534

      First, i got wrong order from tokyo 55, ordered smoked salmon, but got fresh salmon, ordered avocado, but got cucumber!!!

    • More like take-a-way place

      tripadvisor rating 3 of 5
      november 3, 2017 Autor: Nea_Barman

      I would give 5 stars if we would been take a way clients. The restaurant is self is not fancy but the sushi indeed is great. So take a way it is next time!

    • 1 hour wait in empty restaurant

      tripadvisor rating 1 of 5
      oktoober 22, 2017 Autor: Lilly D

      We went into an emptyy place with 3 staff behind the counter. We were informed that we could not been served before in an hour.