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    Exit Room Kadriorg


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    • Guaranteed good time

      tripadvisor rating 5 of 5
      lokakuu 12, 2019 Kirjoittaja: little_traveller1

      It was my 4th time in exit room. I’ve been to “Hull doktor”, “Protseduurid”, “Pehme tuba” and now “Dracula”. The first and the last were the hardest for us. Every room is different and offers a good... Lue lisää kommentteja

    • Suurepärane elamus!

      tripadvisor rating 5 of 5
      elokuu 7, 2019 Kirjoittaja: Efkaevelyn

      I went to the Dracula room with a friend not knowing what to expect at all. The experience was thrilling, interesting and exciting. We had lots of fun! Definitely recommend it to all of my friends... Lue lisää kommentteja

    • Exit Room "Procedures"

      tripadvisor rating 5 of 5
      heinäkuu 21, 2019 Kirjoittaja: 300piretp

      The best escape room I have ever been to. The room was awesome, the all buildup was so cool. I'd recommend it to everyone. The guy who introduced the rules was so chill. I'll go back for sure and try... Lue lisää kommentteja