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    • Super service

      tripadvisor rating 5 of 5
      maaliskuu 21, 2021 Kirjoittaja: bigcitylif3

      moose soup super good. I liked taverness sassy additude. Super service. Tavern has a medieval atmosphere and service. I recommend visiting this place

    • I did not like at all

      tripadvisor rating 1 of 5
      helmikuu 14, 2021 Kirjoittaja: KumiRuv

      They were giving us some attitudes. Since it was the first (and last) time there I had no idea what to order. Not gave enough time to select what to order , and was shouting, and full of rules.. No... Lue lisää kommentteja

    • :(((

      tripadvisor rating 1 of 5
      joulukuu 29, 2020 Kirjoittaja: antonp706

      terrible service, do not want or do not know how to speak any language other than Estonian. don't like tourists.