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Kuva: Noy City
Kuva: Noy City

    Noy City


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    • Amazed at all the great reviews D:

      tripadvisor rating 1 of 5
      heinäkuu 11, 2020 Kirjoittaja: tuulie2013

      We just exited this restaurant. What can I say? I would love to be able to say something good about it, but our meal was a disappointment. With a 4.5 star rating, we expected it to match the rest of... Lue lisää kommentteja

    • Good food, slow service

      tripadvisor rating 3 of 5
      elokuu 9, 2019 Kirjoittaja: Snelle1

      Had a lunch on the outdoor terrace - unfortunately it seems to be very popular to smoke shisha on the restaurant terraces, which really doesn't make your appetite better. Food was actually very good... Lue lisää kommentteja

    • Good and bad

      tripadvisor rating 3 of 5
      heinäkuu 14, 2019 Kirjoittaja: PetriLeh

      Noy City is an mixed experience. The food is superb when it finally arrives - tqo main courses (of nine) before any starters orderes, number of extra, non-ordered dishes deliver etc. But the food is... Lue lisää kommentteja