Cruise tourism


Cruise season

In previous years, the nearly six-month long cruise season has brought over 300 cruise ship visits and half a million cruise tourists to Tallinn. In 2020, given the global evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic, we anticipate that there will be many cancellations this cruise season. So far the international cruise companies have canceled all their visits to Tallinn in April, May and most of the visits in June, as well as some of the cruises for the rest of the season.

For the expected cruise ship visits to Tallinn in 2020, see the schedule.

According to a survey commissioned by the Tallinn City Tourist Office and Convention Bureau in 2018 among cruise ship passengers, nine out of ten cruise passengers were visiting Tallinn for the first time. The cruise passengers were very satisfied with their visit, and more than half planned on returning for a longer stay.

The road from the port to the Old Town

On the initiative of the Port of Tallinn and in collaboration with different departments of the city, the goal for this tourism season is to make the trajectory along the Culture Kilometre from the port to the Old Town and vice versa more pedestrian-friendly in order to reduce the traffic congestion between the port and the city.

To make the Culture Kilometre more user-friendly, temporary signs were placed in 2020 along the path between the Culture Kilometre and the Creative Hub, to direct people towards the Old Town on foot and along the shore to the Noblessner district. To make the path more appealing, the organisers also plan to include temporary art installations along the way.