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    Town Hall tower and Old Thomas

    Tallinn’s Town Hall, that unparalleled symbol of the town’s medieval past, features a 64-metre tower that visitors can climb.

    Town Hall tower was built at the same time as the building itself, between 1402 and 1404. Soldiers of the town hall used to keep watch there. In the event of a fire or other accidents, an alarm was triggered, which can now be heard at every hour. 

    In summer, visitors can ascend the Gothic tower’s 115-step, spiral staircase to reach the belfry balcony at the 34-metre level. Here, they'll be rewarded with picturesque views of Old Town and the city centre. 

    The late Renaissance spire is topped by another important symbol of the town, the Old Thomas weather vane. The weather vane was placed at the top of the tower in 1530 and it guarded the city until 1944. The current weather vane dates back to 1996. Old Thomas I is enjoying his retirement in the basement of the Town Hall.

    Entrance is free with Tallinn Card.

    Entrance and the ticket booth to the tower are located at the Vana-Turu side of the town hall, next to a café.