Going out
Photo: Kadi-Liis Koppel
Photo: Kadi-Liis Koppel

    Pubs, bars, and wine bars in Tallinn

    As the evening approaches, the attractive lights of Tallinn’s numerous pubs, cocktail bars, and wine bars come on. Everyone knows that traditionally, people in the Nordic countries grow barley and drink beer, whereas people in the South cultivate grapes and drink wine. Beer bars and beer restaurants are the mainstay of Tallinn’s drinking establishments, from the legendary cellar bars of the Old Town to the Põhjala Tap Room, located in the upscale Noblessner district which serves beer from the largest craft beer producer in Estonia. As in any metropolis, there is no shortage of Irish, themed, and sports bars in our capital. You can enjoy live music and DJ sets in several bars in Tallinn and, if you are lucky, also meet your favourite band. 

    The global trend of rediscovering cocktail bars has also brought many high-end venues to Tallinn, the best examples of which are the bars on Sauna Street in the Old Town and the stylish ‘speakeasies’, inspired by secretive bars during the American prohibition. Although at first glance Nordic Tallinn may not seem like the Mecca of wine, there are many stylish and affordable wine bars in Tallinn – full of wine experts and importers who are happy to share their skills and resources. In addition to the production of craft beers and ciders, gin making and gin bars are also becoming increasingly popular in Estonia. 

    In short, there are plenty of options for a fun evening out in Tallinn.