Tallinn city centre

    The ‘Manhattan of Tallinn’, a cluster of glass-walled skyscrapers around Maakri Street near the Stockmann Shopping Centre, may at first glance appear to be the centre of Tallinn, but the true heart is the Freedom Square. Situated on the edge of the Old Town, it has been the backdrop of many major historical events. Today, Tallinners and visitors alike enjoy meeting there with the smooth sound of St. John’s Church tower bells ringing in the background. 

    The best theatres, cinemas, and concert halls are located in the city centre and flourishing natural areas are also not far. Thanks to meticulous preservation and fanciful development, the old, industrial Rotermann Quarter has become a mecca for every taste. Restaurants, bars, and cafés beckon on every corner as well as shops selling well-known brands and local designs.

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