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Photo: Mextonia

    Mextonia: Boa Mistura

    Mextonia is the festival of "Transgrafiti Muralism" that took place in Tallinn in June 2017. The festival featured 60 transgrafiti artists from Estonia, México, and the rest of the world. Murals were produced in over 25 locations all over Tallinn and cover a total surface of more than five thousand square meters of wall. During the festival this public space/wall turned into a large mural.

    We choose the famous Estonian tale Kalevipoeg as an inspiration for the design, and looked for references in local culture and folklore.
    The beetle is often called St John´s beetle.
    The eagle of the North plays a conspicuous part in Finnish and Estonian literature. In several tales and ballads, it is the eggs of this blue magic bird which contribute to the formation of the world. The sun, the moon and the Earth emerge from the three eggs.
    These tales relate to the birth of Salme and Linda, whose name “Lindu” is derived from the word Lind, a bird.
    Our mural symbolises the balance between fortune and the forces of nature according to the Estonian literary tradition.
    Using the patterns of regional embroidery, we represent the figures of two beetles, which decide between good and bad luck. Each of them contains the signs, either of life and wisdom, or night and ignorance.
    The whole is united through the symbolism of the cosmos: the earth, the moon, the stars and the sun.