Photo by: Lina Iris Viktor / Fotografiska
Photo by: Lina Iris Viktor / Fotografiska

    Lina Iris Viktor "Dark Testament"

    The conceptual practice of the artist draws on a variety of artistic traditions and visual influences from European portraiture, classical mythology and astronomy, to ancient Egyptian and African symbolism.

    Lina Iris Viktor deploys her own body in her figurative works, her body-as-canvas is abstracted through lustres of black and centred as the universal human form – a vessel through which narratives are woven.

    "The works of the exhibition create an all-immersive universe and symbolic environment that engages the viewers with a transformative experience. It makes the viewers think deeply about both historical and transcultural myths," describes the Exhibitions Lead of Fotografiska Tallinn Maarja Loorents. "There's an absolute beauty and depth in black. Blackness as a source, the dark matter that birthed everything – as Lina Iris Viktor has said herself."

    Exhibition's different series Dark Continent, Seven and Act I, II, III is an imaginary riposte to the nineteenth-century myth of Africa as the 'dark continent', a sinister place of danger and chaos. Viktor invites viewers to contem­plate the meaning of darkness and light, through a communion of past, present and future tenses. Accompanied by an extended caption-poem of exquisite, redolent image titles, the series' existential questions remain unanswered.