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    Sunlines Women's Island [Naissaar] Day Cruise

    The island of Naissaar was once a guardian of the ports of Tallinn and home to Estonian-Swedish islanders who depended on fishing, sealing, and occasionally, offered refuge to passing pirates. After the II World War, the Soviet Union declared the island a military area and off-limits to the public. Today, in addition to its beautiful nature, Naissaar hides a number of unique military remnants as well as traces of the island life before the war. 

    The one-hour boat ride to Naissaar starts from and ends at the Seaplane Harbour. During the trip, you can visit the captain’s bridge and enjoy the sea view. Among other sights along the journey, you will pass the Katherine key, the Bald Island, and the Midshallows’ Lighthouse.
    The passengers will get a map of the island and its sights. The cruise does not include a guided tour. 

    Time on the island: 5 hours. When visiting, please bear in mind that Naissaar does not have a grocery store. During summer time, you can visit the island's café. 

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