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    Private Day - Trip to Nature

    We are going hiking away from all too touristy sites and trails. The main draws for northern Estonia are the Lahemaa National Park and Kõrvemaa Nature Reserve. Perfect for a day trip out of Tallinn, these serve as an authentic taster of natural and cultural landscapes in Estonia. We are going to drive through the park, visit some picturesque small villages and see some beautiful old manor houses on the way. Afterward, there is a chance for a tasty lunch in an authentic local tavern.

    Located south of the Lahemaa national park, the large forested Kõrvemaa area is home to a variety of animals. Many hiking trails combine so many different landscapes that it seems like you travel through different countries. Most people come to Kõrvemaa for its forests, lakes, and marshes. Here you can wander across the wooden trails in local bogs, climb the hills and go hiking on sandy roads in the wilderness. There are over 100 different lakes in Kõrvemaa alone.

    The hike will take up to 2-3 hours and require moderate physical preparation. It's a good place for some amazing nature photography or just relaxing by the lake in a pine forest.

    Tour highlights:
    1-hour drive from the city, during which you get a short history lesson about Estonia and cultural background information about its people.
    Admire the widest natural waterfall in Estonia.
    Picturesque villages and manors in Lahemaa National Park.
    Authentic tavern for some Estonian Cuisine.
    Kõrvemaa Nature Reserve hiking trails.
    Stories, nature watching and tips for your next visit.
    A short video clip will be produced of your day to thank you for visiting Estonia