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    Excursion in the exciting Battery Sea Fortress

    The Estonian Centre for Architecture invites you to get acquainted with the fascinating history of the architectural gem, Patarei Sea Fortress. The exclusive tour will open the heavy doors and complex corridors of the fortress to visitors before the whole complex is rebuilt and renovated. 

    Battery Seaworthiness is known by various names and has also had various functions throughout history. In 1829, the Russian Emperor Nikolai I approved the Tallinn Defence Plan, on the basis of which an insurance zone was established around Tallinn and the construction of a new fortress in Kalarand beach was started. The completed fort was impressive – the walls on the seaward side are about 2 metres thick, and the three floors on the seaward side of the fortification had a total of 72 larger and 18 smaller battle chambers.

    The excursion programme of the Estonian Centre for Architecture allows you to get an insight into the Sea Fortress at this exciting moment when the fortress complex is undergoing its transformation and to experience many things that will no longer be possible to witness in this form in the near future.


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