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    See the Old Town: free audio guide tour "Shepherds of the soul and city"

    See the Old Town! The free audio guide ‘Shepherds of the soul and city’ provides an overview of how both shepherds of the soul and the city lived in the Middle Ages. The route includes a section of the wall of Vene tänav, the Tower behind Monks, the Helleman Tower, the Hinke Tower, and much more. 

    Complete the tour at your own pace, make stops whenever you want, and listen to interesting and educational stories on the web for free. We recommend taking the tour in the evening: The wall and towers of Tallinn’s Old Town have received a light solution that awakens them to new life as darkness arrives.

    In addition to ‘Shepherds of the soul and city’, you can find several other thematic tours on the Old Town website, each one more exciting than the other.