Five reasons why visiting Tallinn is safe

    The less you have to worry about your safety, the more enjoyable and carefree your travel experience is. As the coronavirus (COVID-19) has become the new and rapidly changing reality, everyone must carefully consider the pros and cons of their trip before embarking on a new adventure. So far, Tallinn has managed to be a safe travel destination despite the troubling times. What makes Tallinn safe?

    Tallinn is sparsely populated - it is easy to maintain a safe distance

    Tallinn is the capital of the Republic of Estonia, with less than half a million people living in an area of 159 km². As a maritime city, Tallinn has a long and narrow shape, stretching for kilometres along the shoreline of the Gulf of Finland. There is a lot of space in Tallinn – plenty of greenery, peaceful walking and cycling paths, promenades, and avenues. Keeping a safe distance with other people is easy, no matter if you are in the buzzing Old Town, in the trendy, lively Kalamaja district, or the quiet, green neighbourhoods of Kadriorg and Nõmme.

    Estonians are calm, reserved and appreciate personal space

    Estonia is a small country, and there are not many people here. In terms of population density, our 30.4 people per square kilometre (0.4 square miles) is well below the European average. Therefore, we do not mind being alone – it is a natural state of being for Estonians. Our flattish landscape and the Nordic climate have given us a calm and flexible outlook. 

    We love keeping our distance and are good at maintaining it at both major public events and in everyday interactions. Thus, the new rules of communication stemming from the coronavirus crisis are no big trouble for us. We even joke that for Estonians, compared to our usual need for personal space, the safe distance of approximately 2 metres (6.6 ft) can already feel uncomfortably close. 

    Tallinn is a compact city – you will see more if you travel on foot or bike

    Tallinn is neither too big nor too small; it is just right. Small enough to walk to your next destination and big enough to always have something new to discover. If you get tired of walking, you can always rent a bike or try out an electric scooter. But remember to keep safe and wear a helmet!

    All major museums, sights, and hotels are within walking distance of each other, and the passenger port is right next to the Old Town.

    Tallinn Card – the best sights of the city in a compact contactless package

    The easiest and least stressful way to discover Tallinn is to use the Tallinn Card, a sightseeing pass which gives you free and contactless access to more than 40 museums and sights. Also with the card, you can use public transport or rent a bike for three hours free of charge. 

    For maximum safety, buy an electronic Tallinn Card from our online shop and use it with your smart device in museums and public transport. Tallinn Cards purchased online cost €1 less, helping you save both money and the environment.

    An extra tip: until the end of 2020, you can get a free Tallinn Card by booking a room in some of the top hotels in Tallinn – see our special offers.

    Tallinn has some of the cleanest air in the world – thanks to our many parks and the open sea

    Tallinn is a green city with clean air, belonging to the top ten cities in the world with the cleanest air. Parks, wetlands, promenades, and beaches – green areas make up a quarter of Tallinn's surface. The neighbourhood of Kadriorg is home to the oldest park in the city, a baroque jewel with different thematic gardens, canals, and a swan pond. However, you can find exciting parks in almost every district of Tallinn. 

    The new Reidi tee leads from the city centre directly to Pirita along the seaside promenade. You can easily explore it by bike or on foot. The promenade is dotted with playgrounds, and comfortable seating places to let you enjoy the ever-changing sea views and the silhouette of the city, one of the symbols of Tallinn. 

    An extra tip: most museums in Tallinn are large and spacious. There are rarely any queues and you do not need to book your visit in advance. Take your time to enjoy the exhibition while easily keeping a safe distance from other visitors.

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