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    Estonian History Museum — Great Guild Hall

    The Estonian History Museum is located in the Great Guild Hall, a historic building from the 15th century.

    The exhibit “Power of the Elite” is open for visitors on the basement floor of the Great Guild Hall building, where you can learn about one of the most illustrious buildings in Tallinn’s Old Town and see the old wine cellar which used to operate here from 1437 until World War II. For an exciting display of historical weaponry, visit the Armoury room and the exhibit “Spirit of the Thing” displaying rare artefacts from various collections in the museum.

    An overview of the various means of payment that have been used in Estonia can be seen at the exhibit “Striking it rich?!”.

    Temporary exhibitions are displayed in the main hall of the Great Guild Hall. At the moment, there is an exhibition of the history of the early music ensemble Hortus Musicus titled “Musical Garden. Hortus Musicus 50.”

    Museum entrance is free with Tallinn Card.

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    • Absolutely loved this place

      tripadvisor rating 5 of 5
      June 25, 2022 By richardmP1661JV

      We absolutely loved this place for both the building and the history inside. There is a great collection of money from ancient times right up to the modern day. interesting stories of one of Estonias... Read more comments

    • Interesting if incongruous collection.

      tripadvisor rating 3 of 5
      May 23, 2022 By midway42

      Guilds were to the medieval world what The Salon was to 19th century Paris: a defining feature of a bygone era. The building housing this museum is a Gothic structure dating back to 1410 and is... Read more comments

    • Worth a visit

      tripadvisor rating 4 of 5
      January 3, 2022 By Jean M

      A fantastic building and a very interesting exhibition on Estonians and their history. The exhibition organization is a bit complicated but as there is no really sense of visit that doesn't hurt too... Read more comments