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    Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church of the Mother of God with Three Hands in Tallinn

    This Old Town church makes its home in a curious medieval building, complete with crooked façade and improbably tiny windows. 

    Find it on a narrow lane that follows the Old Town wall.

    Though the Ukrainian congregation has been active in Tallinn since the 17th century, the church is a newcomer to Old Town. The congregation acquired the building a few years back, and thorough renovations have made it a pleasant place to worship – one that seems historic and modern at the same time. Be sure to go inside to explore the amazing interior and the iconostasis by Pyotr Gumenyuk.

    The church was dedicated to the Three-handed Mother of God, under whose patronage are all the unjustly punished. A modelled clay hand, found during church renovation, is displayed on the wall next to the main entrance. Anyone unjustly punished, or in love, can write their problems down on a slip of paper and drop the note through a hatch at the front of the church in the hope that the Mother of God will intervene on their behalf. 

    The church also acts as a cultural centre for Tallinn's Ukrainian community. A small museum of Ukrainian religious art and handicrafts operates here.


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    • Promoting and preserving Ukrainian culture in Estonia

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      January 28, 2020 By Mikael F

      This medieval warehouse next to the old city wall acts as the Ukrainian Cultural Center. The Ukrainian community is the second-biggest ethnic minority in Estonia. There are more than 22,000... Read more comments

    • Part of Ukraine in Tallinn

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      August 14, 2019 By OlgaH953

      That was so interesting to find a part of Ukraine in Tallinn Old Town. First I was impressed of small Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church there. I saw wonderful icons, I never saw like that... Read more comments

    • Don't miss the great find

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      August 20, 2018 By zannaevans

      A beautiful wooden church that started as a medieval warehouse next to the old wall near the East gate. Has lovely wooden icons and sets of traditional painted easter eggs. Fascinating visit.