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Photo: Paul Kuimet
Photo: Paul Kuimet

    Swedish St. Michael’s Church

    This centuries-old church on Rüütli street has been a spiritual home for generations of Estonian Swedes.

    As an ethnic group, Swedes have been a part of Tallinn's cultural mosaic since the Middle Ages.

    St. Michael's had originally been an almshouse for the city's poor, but in 1733 the tsarist government gave it to the Swedish congregation, which had been left without its own church since the Great Northern War.

    During Soviet times the building was converted into a sports hall and fell into disrepair, but was renovated and re-consecrated in 2002. It now has a congregation of around 200, and continues to hold services in Swedish.  

    In addition to its Baroque altar by Joachim Armbrust and a Baroque pulpit, the church has a unique baptistery created by famed sculptor Christian Ackermann in 1680.

    Services in Swedish on Sundays at 12pm.


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    • A former medieval hospital

      tripadvisor rating 4 of 5
      September 16, 2021 By Mikael F

      This centuries-old church on Rüütli street of the Tallinn Old Town has been an important religious and spiritual home for generations of Estonian Swedes. A Swedish-speaking minority with a... Read more comments

    • Nice Little Church

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      July 30, 2019 By slhokie

      It is worth a quick look to see the church and its exhibits. It is an example of an Estonian church which is not Russian orthodox. Thirty minutes should be ample.

    • delightful little church

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      June 23, 2018 By LMOverby

      Just down the street from the St. Nicholas Church/Nigistle Museum, St. Michael's is a smaller, simpler church, but well worth a visit. Established by the Swedes, with strong ties historically to... Read more comments