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Photo: Kirsti Eerik

Löwenruh Park

Löwenruh park is a romantic four hectares park area in the middle of circle pond situated in the corner of Mustamäe and Linnu streets. From the historical Löwenruh manor park, a circle shape pond and tree canopy from the middle of 19th century remain. The name of the park comes from the former owner Von Löwen name. Since 1993 the park is a nature conservation area and in 2004 major cleaning and deepening works took place at the pond.

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  • Nice walk and kids loved it too

    tripadvisor rating 3 of 5
    July 3, 2016 By 137katrina

    A nice little walk around the park and enjoy ducks, greenery and fountan. There is a big playground for the kids too so lots to do with very little ones too.

  • Löwenruh

    tripadvisor rating 5 of 5
    May 8, 2018 By Irina T

    Лёвенру (эст. Löwenruh) — парк с прудом в таллинском районе Кристийне. Ограничен улицами Мустамяэ теэ, Линну теэ, Алги и Ряэгу. Занимает площадь в 9 гектаров[1]. Лёвенру эст. Löwenruh Пруд и... Read more comments

  • Rogivande parkanläggning !

    tripadvisor rating 3 of 5
    March 26, 2018 By Erling G

    Det finns gångbanor efter vattnet runt hela ön, vilken är omgärdad av vatten. Det finns mycket simfåglar i vattnet runt hela ön. Det finns också en gammal matkällare från greve Löwenruh`s tid :