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Photo: Nikolai Imetegija kirik (Kopli)
Photo: Nikolai Imetegija kirik (Kopli)

    Church of Saint Nicholas (Kopli)

    With lovely proportions this beautiful wooden church in Kopli was among the first churches dedicated to St. Nicholas in Tallinn.
    The first building was lost in the fire, but some of its inventory remained. The church as seen today was designed by Aleksandr Vladovsky and completed by November in 1935. The building resembles Russian historical wooden architecture. There is no bell tower, but above the main entrance is a small bell ringing room. Window shutters, iconostasis, ceilings and walls, interior doors, wooden ventilation canals, staircase, bells and chandeliers have all remained. 
    The church has played an important role for the local Orthodox community as well as for the north-west army refugees who were housed in the church during the War of Independence of Estonia. The church is an inseparable piece of pre-war cultural environment of the seaside Kopli area in Tallinn.
    Today the church belongs to Estonian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchate.