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    Mextonia: Cruise Dock

    Mextonia is the festival of "Transgrafiti Muralism" that took place in Tallinn in June 2017. The festival featured 60 transgrafiti artists from Estonia, México, and the rest of the world. Murals were produced in over 25 locations all over Tallinn and cover a total surface of more than five thousand square meters of wall. During the festival this public space/wall turned into a large mural by Siim Kasemaa, Margus Richard Talivee, Bert Norralt, Martin Rattas, Bach Babach, Erik Allaste, Mihkel Kosk, Kevin Poll, Silver „Sboy“ Seeblum.

    This massive dialogue wall integrates the ideas of different generations and joins together different aspects of being Estonian. This wall is joyful as well as welcoming and thoughtful.