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Photo: Mextonia

    Mextonia: Victor López

    Mextonia is the festival of "Transgrafiti Muralism" that took place in Tallinn in June 2017. The festival featured 60 transgrafiti artists from Estonia, México, and the rest of the world. Murals were produced in over 25 locations all over Tallinn and cover a total surface of more than five thousand square meters of wall. During the festival this public space/wall turned into a large mural.
    „Our prehispanic way of conceiving reality,  has driving me, as an artist, to reconfigure images as identity symbols. The opportunity to know and study Estonia’s perception of reality allows the possibility of relating two ancestral cultures. Speaking from my zapotec origins, I see an interrelation between my own culture and that of Estonia: men and women who take care and practice their traditions, myths and legends, with the authentic joy of feeling proud of being in their homelands. This treasure is protected and guarded all along their territory, from the ports and sea to the houses and forests, by the great deities that lives inside the oak trees, those living things that embrace their people and await the return of those who leave. Therefore, I feel the need to represent that dialogue between cultures, the task of knowing and discovering each other; a Xoloizcuintle  that protects and guides the might oak Tree, the forest spirit, laid in the land of Mictlán and Kalevipoeg. The dog is looking at the swallow, who travels beyond this physical world, that bird who proudly wears the Estonian colors, and who communicates with the great elk, the travelling spirit, and who, at the same time, finds itself conversing with the “Xolotl”, spiritual guide for the Mexican people, on the atmosphere of a universe populated by with constellations that unites us all. “