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    Estonian Film Museum

    Located in Maarjamäe History Centre, the Film Museum guides its visitors through different stages of filmmaking and the history of cinema in Estonia. 

    Visitors are directed to the Film Museum via a pathway that resembles a red carpet, giving them the movie star treatment. This cinematographic alley is lined with playful works of art inspired by masterpieces of Estonian film. It leads visitors to an exhibition dedicated to the history of cinema in Estonia and to what happens behind the scenes in the global film industry.

    The Film Museum’s first permanent exhibition, "Take ONE", dissects the film-making process and shares many secrets of the trade and of those involved in it. Visitors to the exhibition move through different stages of filmmaking, gradually becoming true insiders as they learn more about screenplays, sets, editing and the importance of lighting and sound in making a good film.

    A magical room of illusions captivates the audience with larger-than-life machinery; a framework made up of many parts, all of which work together to achieve the shared goal of setting pictures in motion. Inspired by the 19th century, the era when cinema was born, the machines allow visitors to take a closer look at the process of filmmaking, seeing first-hand how static pictures are turned into movies. You can even step into the shoes of a film character and record a fun video of yourself in the exhibition's green screen studio.

    One highlight of the Film Museum is its 210-seat cinema and conference hall, where you can host screenings and all sorts of other high-quality events.

    Free with Tallinn Card.