"Curioosum"Francesco Tristano

    "Curioosum"Francesco Tristano: piano2.0 and Tokyo Stories Francesco Tristano (piano, electronics, synthesizers, Yamaha artist)Priidu Adlas (light concept)In the program:Improvisations, classical works - Tristano, Bach, Frescobaldi, Stravinski, Pärt Piano2.0 is an unconventional piano evening format in which pianist-composer Francesco Tristano weaves a common thread of Renaissance, Baroque and contemporary music, looking for both common denominators as well as contrasts. As a tribute to Estonia, “For Alina” by Arvo Pärt is in the focal position in the program. In the first part of the concert, Tristano performs on the Yamaha piano brought to Estonia specifically for that purpose. In the second half of the evening, we will hear Tristano's piano cycle "Tokyo Stories" or a love letter to the magical city. A subway ride, a morning jog in Yoyog Park, an afternoon stroll or a sushi bar - all of which are joined into cinematic lyrics. The work exudes personal closeness, soft and gentle as the spring air. Francesco Tristano is a pianist who combines classical music and electronics, technological innovations and opportunities, and who charms with his performances that are true to the original, as well as with arrangements of classical music. On stage, around the concert piano, there is also a mixer and two synthesizers to create an enchanting world of sound. The design of Priidu Adlas and Francesco Tristano combines the audience and the stage into a single space of light and sound. The concert is sponsored by Yamaha Music Europe.

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