Photo: Maarjamäe Loss

From Cave to Cuddles. The Story of Dogs and Humans

History Museum’s exhibition “From Cave to Cuddles. The Story of Dogs and Humans“ talks about dogs, people and their long journey together. 
We all know expressions like a dog’s life, working like a dog, raining cats and dogs, all of which mean something difficult and unpleasant. This is not the case at all, the journey of dogs to the present has been long and volatile, but also exciting, adventurous and rich in smells! And there is no red in a dog’s life - because dogs can't see it!
Archaeological finds of dog teeth in the Stone Age settlement of Pulli near Sindi confirm that already 11,000 years ago when people settled here, they had at least one friend - the dog. Today's knowledge and skills have made it possible to give the first Estonian dog a body and appearance, and the Pulli’s dog on display at the History Museum offers the first opportunity to peek to a time 11,000 years ago.  
The joint journey of man and dog has been long and volatile. The four-legged companion, who rose to pet status centuries ago, has been treated differently at different times. The dog has been mystified into objects, has been feared and is the cause for the birth of various legends. At the same time, they have been an imperceptible and replaceable work animal, then again comparable to humans or instead an accessory emphasizing the social status of the owner, a part of pop culture and a star of social media. 
The exhibition places significant emphasis on how humans have changed the dog. How dogs have contributed to the development of science and innovation, and what we know about dogs today thanks to science. Through various interactive objects, the visitor can walk a mile in the shoes of a dog and experience how they see and feel about the world. You also get to know the secret language and worldview of dogs. 
The exhibition is meant for dog friends of all ages, but also for people who have never had closer contact with dogs. The exhibition can be felt through the eyes and ears of a dog. You also find out, what kind of a dog is a Sloughi and have the opportunity to sit at the campfire and take a nap in the doghouse with the Pulli dog. We promise not to chain anyone :)