Photo: Helena Perhonen

Old ages lightness and weight

Every person yearns to feel accepeted when looked upon. Even at an old age,
a person can become empowered and enjoy being the object of an accepting
gaze - the feeling of still being seen.
I have photographed six elderly people to my exhibition in their home and
surrounding neigborhood. The age of the elderly people being photographed
varied between 85 to 98 years of age. Some elderly of them, I have
photographed for several years and others just once due to cancellations
caused by corona.
The basis, or the idea behind me photographing these elderly people was that
each and everyone had the chance to define how they wanted to be
photographed. More importantly, to define how they would want to be seen.
I noticed that the elderly really liked to be photographed. Mentally, the
photographing moments were kept light. This reflected upon how they wanted
to be portrayed in the photographs. Even though, I captured a lot melancholy
and loneliness, I also captured gazes of joy and gentlessness. These meeting
brought joy to me too.
As the project progressed, I realised that the photoshoot was as important as
to me as it was to the elderly being photographed.
With my photographs, I would like to parttake in the conversation of having a
good elderly life and the multifaceted nature it contains.