Photo: Telliskivi Indie Shops
Photo: Paul Kuimet

    Telliskivi Indie Shops

    Located at the heart of Telliskivi Creative City, this indoor shopping street differs greatly from your local supermarket. 

    Nice, cosy and creative atmosphere in the midst of affordable small boutiques and Estonian design shops is great for a quick yet enjoyable stop before heading to a nearby venue. Find here: vintage and design stores for children and adults, eco and beauty shops as well as a cosy Reval cafe to sit and watch the world go by.

    The best way to visit Telliskivi shopping street is either by foot or by tram (numbers 1 and 2) from the city centre.


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    • Coolest place in Tallinn

      tripadvisor rating 5 of 5
      October 22, 2021 By katarzynachojna

      This place offers so much to do and to see. Restaurants and bars on every corner and all that in a very cool, industrial setting. A must!

    • coolest place in the city

      tripadvisor rating 5 of 5
      December 30, 2020 By UriusT

      Telliskivi is a model for what can be done with old industrial spaces and post-Soviet decay. Instead of just building more flats or offices for the ultra rich and completely gentrifying a part of the... Read more comments

    • Highly overrated!

      tripadvisor rating 2 of 5
      September 7, 2020 By Piret3

      Not my cup of tea, finally found the shop i was looking for and quickly out of there. Don't like the atmospere.