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Photo: Tõnu Tunnel
Photo: Tõnu Tunnel

    Excursion to the Baltic Manufactory

    The excursion programme of the Estonian Centre for Architecture opens the doors of the historic Baltic Cotton Factory in North Tallinn. More widely known as the Baltic Manufactory or the Sitsi factory, it was once one of the largest industrial complexes in Tallinn, which today offers the joy of discovery with its more than 120-year-old story to both architecture and history enthusiasts.

    The planning of the construction of the building was started in 1898 in accordance with the project of architect Rudolf Otto von Knüpffer, and when the 230-metre-long manufactory building was completed, it became one of the largest buildings in Tallinn. 

    The cotton processed in the factory reached Estonia all over the world – from the United States, Brazil, and Egypt. The manufactory was one of the largest companies in Tallinn where women were a highly valued workforce and earned a decent wage for their work. 

    The manufactory finished its work in 2006, after which the building complex has remained largely empty. Today, the manufactory area is being developed by Hepsor real estate developer together with the Tolaram Group, which has planned a number of different residential and business premises, as well as a unique urban environment for the townspeople. 

    Thanks to the excursion programme of the Centre for Architecture, it is possible to learn about the exciting history and stories of the Cotton Factory in its abandoned beauty before the building complex undergoes its rebirth.


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