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    Along the paths of the medieval criminal story “Melchior the apothecary”

    What was Tallinn like in 1409 and what has remained of it today? Where did Tallinn's first apothecary live and from whom did people buy their medicine before him? The tour will show the city through the eyes of the apothecary Melchior. The nuances of making a historical film will be explained - can 15th-century Tallinn be portrayed realistically.

    The tour starts at the Kiek in de Kök artillery tower, moving through Toompea to the Lower Town, visiting the 600-year-old pharmacy and tasting the pharmacy schnapps. The excursion ends at the Tallinn City Museum, where 15th-century artifacts preserved in the collections will be presented.

    The tours are in russian and estonian. 
    The tickets may be purchased online via Fienta.