Photo: Andres Teiss / EAS
Photo: Kadi-Liis Koppel

    Museums where you can spend a whole day

    If you are looking for museums to spend a whole day wandering around, Tallinn is an excellent destination. From history and maritime culture to art and farm life, the city's biggest museums will keep you entertained for hours. 

    A top tip: all of these museums are free with Tallinn Card, a sightseeing pass that includes free entry to Tallinn’s top attractions, free use of public transport, and a 50% discount on the hop-on-hop-off tour bus (free with Tallinn Card PLUS). Your perfect travel buddy for brisk winter days! 

    Estonian History Museum - Maarjamäe Palace

    It's not a wonder, that people "get lost" in this immersive complex of Estonian History Museum at Maarjamäe. Up on the Maarjamäe hill you can choose to do any or all of the following things:
    • Visit the Estonian History Museum inside the Maarjamäe Palace
    • Spend quality time with the small ones at the "Children’s Republic" play area
    • Get to know the art of film-making at the Estonian Film Museum
    • Dine at the classy Restaurant Maarjamäe and admire the artwork by Estonian artist Peeter Allik or have a cup of coffee at a café inside the Estonian Film Museum
    • Step inside the Palace Stables to experience the history of Estonian pop music
    • Take amazing selfies with Soviet leaders who lie about in the park behind the palace (=outdoor exhibition of Soviet monuments)
    • Catch the sunset over the Tallinn Bay and city skyline from Maarjamäe hill
    • Shop for souvenirs at the museum shops!
    Palace of Maarjamäe, one of the buildings of the Estonian History Museum in Tallinn.
    Photo by: Estonian History Museum

    How to get to Maarjamäe?

    Take bus nr 5 from Vabaduse väljak or buses nr 1A / 8 / 34A / 38 from Viru Keskus, stop Maarjamägi. The journey takes about 20 minutes.

    Seaplane Harbour - Estonian Maritime Museum

    Lennusadam is a modern high-tech maritime museum hidden inside gigantic seaplane hangars in Kalamaja. If you arrive to Tallinn by boat, you can see the museum on the west coastal line of Tallinn. The Seaplane Harbour has collected several awards. In 2013 it was awarded with Europa Nostra Gran Prix in the category of conservation. It is one of the most visited museums in Estonia. Some our favourite activities in the Seaplane Harbour include: 
    • Exploring the inside of British-built submarine Lembit
    • Learning about maritime history
    • Taking an educational ride with the yellow submarine and navigate on Tallinn Bay
    • Flying above Tallinn with a simulator plane
    • Testing maritime war machinery
    • Stepping on board of historic ships docked outside the museum, including Suur Tõll, Europe’s largest steam-powered icebreaker
    • Dining at the café called Maru and enjoying the exiting atmosphere of the Seaplane Hangars
    • Promoting ourselves to captains with proper captains hat, available at the museum store
    Kids looking at a summarine at the Seaplane Harbour maritime museum in Tallinn, Estonia Photo by: Aron Urb
    Photo by: Aron Urb

    How to get to the Seaplane Harbour? 

    Take bus nr 73 from Vabaduse väljak, stop Lennusadam. The bus ride takes about 15 minutes. You can also walk: the Seaplane Harbour is located about 2.1 km (1.3 miles) from the Town Hall Square (Raekoja plats). 

    Estonian Open Air Museum

    The Estonian Open Air Museum is not exactly indoors, but you can step into different old farms, shops, a pub, a school, and many other buildings - the serene surroundings offer a lovely and refreshing change to our busy daily lives and routines. The museum is open almost every day of the year (except 24.-25.12. and 31.12.). Enjoy the fresh air and activities taking place at the museum grounds. Here you can: 
    • Swing at the traditional Estonian village swing
    • Take a horse carriage ride with the wind in your hair through old Estonian countryside
    • Get a tasty old-fashioned snack from the Lau village shop
    • Clear your thoughts at the Sutlepa chapel
    • Breathe in the fresh sea air by the net sheds
    • Listen if the windmills make any sounds while whirring round
    • Learn about the traditional life at Estonian farms from different eras
    • Enjoy traditional Estonian food at the Kolu inn
    • Visit Western, Northern and Southern Estonia, plus the islands, all in one day
    Once in Rocca al Mare, you can combine your visit to the Estonian Open Air Museum with a visit to Tallinn Zoo and say hi to the polar bears!

    Folk dancers performing in front of an old tavern in the Open Air museum in the Rocca al Mare area Tallinn, Estonia. Photo by: Toomas Tuul
    Photo by: Toomas Tuul

    How to get to the Estonian Open Air Museum? 

    Bus nr 21 takes you from Viru to Rocca al Mare in about 30 minutes. 

    Kumu Art Museum

    Kumu is the main building of Art Museum of Estonia and displays the Estonian art from 18th to 21st centuries. The modern museum building fits perfectly the scenery in leafy Kadriorg, and was opened in 2006. In 2008 Kumu won the European Museum of the Year award (there were 140 candidates). To explore all the five floors open to the public you’ll need at least one whole day. Some things that you can do in Kumu:
    • See
    • Listen
    • Think
    • Experiment
    • Take selfies with the busts
    • Eat cake at the Reval Café
    • Visit the museum shop for some artistic souvenirs
    While in Kadriorg, visit also Kadriorg Art Museum – a palace built by Peter the Great that now houses the foreign collection of Art Museum of Estonia.

    aking photos of sculptures in the KUMU Art Museum in Tallinn, Estonia. Photo by: Kadi-Liis Koppel
    Photo by: Kadi-Liis Koppel

    How to get to Kumu? 

    Take tram nr 1 or 3 from Hobujaama to Kadriorg. The journey lasts less than 10 minutes, followed by a short stroll through the beautiful Kadriorg park.   

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