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    Tondiraba Park

    Tondiraba is home to the largest and most modern park in the Baltics that covers 29 hectares of greenery and recreational space. The park was built on the site of a former bog of the same name in Lasnamäe, and is part of the so-called green corridor of Lasnamäe. . In creating Tondiraba Park, the original nature of the site was preserved – the forest, small ponds and flora and fauna were all left intact. 32 species of trees and shrubs were planted in the park, and meadow areas were created. Three bridges can be found on the eastern side of the park, from each of which you can observe plants and animals in their natural habitat. Among the interesting things to see are the newts that live in one of the ponds, which is why the bridge was largely built next to the pond instead of over it to preserve their habitat.

    The recreation areas in the park are situated around the woodland so as not to damage the diversity of species in the park. Tondiraba Park is home to the largest sports and play area in the Baltics, covering over 5.7 hectares. A total of 10 kilometres of walking, running and forest trails can be found in the park. Moreover, the park also includes a skate park, pumptrack, dog parks, hammocks, barbecue areas as well as a bike service station.