Nõmme started to evolve into a summer district for the residents of Tallinn at the end of the nineteenth century when the Tallinn-Paldiski railway was established. The story of Nõmme is inseparable from its founder, the charismatic landowner Nikolai von Glehn, and his fantasy world. He is connected to many sights in Nõmme, including Glehn’s Castle and Park with its palm house, observatory tower, ‘Kalevipoeg’ and ‘Crocodile’ stone sculptures, and family cemetery a short distance away. 

    Nõmme is a valued natural district of Tallinn with its adventure park, winter ski trails, and a ski jumping tower. There are also opportunities to swim and trails for walking or biking. Some of the most beautiful residences from traditional wooden to art nouveau styles stand underneath the pine trees of Nõmme. The Nõmme Market, selling fresh produce and local goods, will transport you to an cosy Estonian village without leaving the city. Nõmme is accessible by bus and train.

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