Patkuli viewing platform
Photo by: Toomas Tuul
Horse carriage at the Open Air Museum in Tallinn, Estonia
Photo by: Toomas Tuul
Patkuli viewing platform
Horse carriage at the Open Air Museum in Tallinn, Estonia

    Tallinn on Mondays

    Are you in Tallinn on a Monday? Though it's true that many of the city's museums are closed at the beginning of the week, that doesn't mean there's nothing to see or do. Tallinn is the kind of place where there's plenty to discover every day of the week. We have put together a list of different things to see and do.

    Hop on a sightseeing tour

    Sightseeing tours are one of the most popular ways to start off a visit to Tallinn, especially for first-timers who want to get orientated. A variety of guided and self-guided tours are available in Tallinn, everything from ghost walks to pub crawls. Please note that many of these require booking in advance.

    Red City Tour bus in Tallinn, Estonia
    Photo by: Kadi-Liis Koppel

    Visit the museums 

    Even museums are still an option – some of the city's most interesting ones will indeed be open. For example KGB Prison Cells where the history of Soviet occupation’s horrors is told. For art lovers the innovative multimedia exhibition "Monet2Klimt - Art in Motion" is open and ready to surprise you with art coming to life. You can explore Tallinn Old Town from the city’s town wall and towers. Another of the city's medieval sights, St. Bridget's Convent ruins, stands just a little ways out from the centre, in Pirita, and is well worth the trip. As you're already in Pirita, Tallinn TV Tower and Tallinn Botanic Garden are both also a must. When visiting Tallinn with kids, Tallinn Zoo and Energy Discovery Centre is definitely the best choice for you. 

    External view of the Hellemann Tower and Town Wall in the Old Town of Tallinn, Estonia. Photo by: Paul Kuimet
    Photo by: Paul Kuimet

    Admire the churches

    Estonians are not particularly religious people, however, we do have a diverse choice of churches in Tallinn, most of them situated in the Old Town area. Fantastic views during summertime can be found from the Cathedral of Saint Mary the Virgin (Dome Church) Tower. If you're a stickler for precise timekeeping, head over to Holy Spirit Church – popular for its wood interior and elaborate façade clock.

    View of the Holy Spirit Church in the Old Town of Tallinn, Estonia
    Photo by: Paul Kuimet

    Be active outdoors

    Tallinn is also a great city for outdoor activities.  Whether you want to stroll around in green areas like parks and forests, or to be more sporty, for example by riding a bike, ice-skating or having fun at the adventure park. Have a look at the different activities Tallinn has to offer and choose your’ favourite.

    Nõmme Adventure Park in Tallinn, Estonia
    Photo by: Jarek Jõepera

    Enjoy the culture 

    Maybe you have heard that Estonians are a singing nation, as most of us sing or have sung in a choir. The best place at which to get the feeling of being Estonian is Tallinn Song Festival Grounds. Most famously, the site is home to the Estonian Song and Dance Celebration, an unforgettable event that takes place every five years, drawing together up to 34,000 performers and 200,000 spectators. Walk down to the arena and hear how the loudspeaker-like stadium design projects your voice! 

    If you love live music, there are many excellent concerts taking place at the beginning of the week. Just check out the event information on, or browse for tickets on Piletilevi. For a more majestic and classical experience, visit the Estonian National Opera or the State Concert Institute Eesti Kontsert.

     Photo by: Raigo Pajula
    Photo by: Raigo Pajula

    Remember, nearly all of these activities and sights are free with the Tallinn Card –  
    a great value every day of the week!

    Please note that some museums and sights can be closed on public holidays and during the winter season. Be sure to have a look before making visiting plans.

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